Phd student in Immersive Situated Visualizations.

At Potioc, an Inria BSO project team.
Director: Martin Hachet.
Co- Director: Pierre Dragicevic.
Supervisor: Arnaud Prouzeau.


  • Bachelor in Photonics at Institut d’Optique Graduate School (Palaiseau, France).
  • Master in Photonics at Institut d’Optique Graduate School (Bordeaux, France) specialized in Virtual reality and real-virtual interfaces, image synthesis and 3D imaging, rendering and computer graphics. Innovation and Entrepreneurship pathway.
  • Master in Image and Sound Processing at Université de Bordeaux

Research Projects

My research was funded in part by the Ember Project (ANR grant ANR-19-CE33-0012).


Research internship

  • June to September 2023 (Montréal, Canada): I worked with Michael McGuffin for three month a on a projet on immersive visualizations (currently under peer-review).

Scientific mediation events

  • June 2022 : VIVATECH 2022
  • April 2022 : MIMM Project (stands for I Computer scientist, I mathematician in french in a female gendered grammatical form). A week of coding activities with girls between 13 and 15 yo.
  • September 2022: Summer School on Science Communication in VIU (Venice International’s University).
  • September 2022: COP27 Project. Presented visualization in AR applied to eco-feedback to High School Students (Libourne, France).
  • October 2022: Village des Sciences (CAP Sciences). Mediation booth about AR.
  • November 2022: French Tech Day. 15 min talk about AR.

Teaching assistance

  • Master 1: C++ introduction, Computing Methods with Matlab. Referent professor : Xavier Granier.
  • Master 1: 3D rendering. Referent professor : Roman Pacanowski.